Welcome to Fire Fighting Expert

Firefighting Expert– Industrial and commercial Firefighting Training and Safety Training Service is a one of its kind organization in Lahore Pakistan. Its sole purpose is to organize safety training’s for industries, organizations, educational institutes, hospitals, hotels, and for general public as well. FFE Pakistan is a registered company and is affiliated with the Government of Pakistan through NPO (National Productivity Organization). Our main objective is to provide training, consultancy, auditing, inspection, and accident investigation services in the field of QHSSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Security, Environment), so that the environment is safe for everyone, posing no threat to health, life, and assets. We provide a wide range of firefighting equipment in Pakistan at affordable prices from trusted brands. FFE Offering extinguishers and firefighter gear, helmets, boots, flashlights, tools, apparel, now check fire and safety equipment. See full portfolio of fire safety products, highly reliable and flexible applicable fire safety equipment for small to large installations. Fire is potentially the greatest threat to life and property.