FFE PAKISTAN are the owners of the Firefighting Expert. We provide a wide range of fire fighting equipment in Pakistan which are marketed around the world under the brand name of FFE. The brand is well-known and well-respected, locally and internationally. We regularly bring new fire and safety products in to the market. Check out the latest we have to offer from our huge range of products and services.

We ‘re Leader in QHSE Training , Auditing , Consulting & Solution Provider . Based at Karachi, Pakistan, we have Offices in United States, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE and Germany. FFE Professionals For Their EHS Trainings, Consultancy & Services are recognized worldwide. At SafeCon , You Comes First & Making a Difference is Our Core Value .

What We Do

Firefighting Expert is Recognized As Center of Excellence in Safety, whether  You ‘re A Mid Career Professional Looking For Top-Notch Safety Qualifications, Course & Training To Take Your Career To The Next Level Or A Fresher Student To Kick Start Career With Right Safety Qualifications Or A Company Looking For Safety & Compliance Solutions To Help You Become More Sustainable & Profitable, FFE Offers Solutions For Every One. We Not Only Teach Safety But Research Safety To Draw Out Solutions Of Today’s Work World. With Offices in United Sates, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Behrain, Oman , UAE, Algeria & China, Being Global Solutions Provider, Thinks Global & Act Local.

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Safety By Choice, Not By Chance

Cutting-Edge Fire & Safety Solutions For Companies & Commercial Enterprises


Main objective of the organization is to provide training, consultancy, auditing, inspection, and accident investigation services in the field of QHSSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Security, Environment), so that the environment is safe for everyone, posing no threat to health, life, and assets.


We envision that nobody gets injured in the offices, in the factories, on the roads, at homes, in educational institutes, and at play grounds and that the core business is not affected by losses. Our vision is to minimize premiums, medical budgets, employee trust downfall, and descending number of projects of our valuable clients. And that people including employees, students, teenagers, and children are able to return to their loved ones at home, safe and secure.

We want to go ahead and use all of our available resources, with the help of public partnership, in generating mass education and awareness in the field of safety for the people of Pakistan. Although FFE is a commercial organization, we want to start community services and would initiate public private partnership as we go along.