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Fire Fighting Equipment (46)

Devices (19)

First Aid Equipment (5)

Safety Equipment (40)

CO2 Fire Extinguishing System (Release Control Cabinet)

Fire Hose Reel

Heavy Foam Making Branch Pipe

Firefighting Foam Nozzle (Viking)

Mobile Foam Monitor Unit (Agnus Fire)

Steel Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

First Aid Box

OTEX Ozone Medical Sanitiser

DCP Fire Extinguishers (25, 50 & 100kg)

2 Way Wet Fire Hydrant (Firex)

Aluminized Fire Suit (Hood, Shoes, Gloves)

Smoke Hood – Fire Smoke Protection

3M PELTOR Earmuff Hygiene Kit

SundStrom Particle Filter (210/310)

SR 217 Gas Filter A1

Leak Stopping Tape (HOLDENBOND)

Shutter Tape CP 27

Vinyl Duct Tape White 2-inch (3M)

Walkie Talkies – GE Starcode 11(Vintage)

Firefighting Helmet (Pacific)

Fire Proof Steel Door – UL Listed

Hour Meter (Revalco 4RK46)

Gas Lamp (PROVIDUS+)

Smoke & Heat Detector (SOLO)

Life Oxygen Pac

Full Face Twin Port Respirator (MSA)

XFP 1-2 Loop Networkable Analogue Addressable Fire Panels

Fire Escape Hood – Parat C (Drager)

450g GfG Gas Detector

Firefighter Gloves (Viking)

Firefighting Shoes (Honeywell)

Firefighting Helmet (Bullard – PXR350)

Firefighting Helmet (Bullard)

Fire Safety Suit (Viking)

Fire Safety Suit (Viking)

Fire Safety Suit (Honeywell)

Full Body Harness (Camp Safety)

PROVIDUS Cartridge Blow Torch – PG300M

Bilsom 303L Ear Plugs(Honeywell)

Venitex Disposable Ear Plugs

Half Face Mask X-Plore 4390 Drager

Ocenco M-20.2 EEBD Emergency Escape Breathing Device

Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus(Drager)

Portable Ventilator

Screw Filter (Spasciani)

Scott Safety Pro 2000

Self-contained breathing apparatus, firefighter SCBA

Fire Exit Door

Electric Horn with Flashing Light

Lumidor Minimax XP Gas Detector – Honeywell

Maintenance Free Half Masks 4279

Drager Pac 5000 Single Gas Monitor O2

Alarm Lock

Quarantine Gas Mask Carry Bags

Ranger Walkie Talkie

Self Retractable LifeLine

MED Fire Fighter’s Boots

Emergency Information Device – Safety Mate

CO Detector: Carbon Mono-Oxide Alarm

Empty Stainless Steel Fire Extinguisher

Nomex Fire Suit

MSA PULSAR + Plus CO Detector

MSA ALTAIR Hydrogen Sulfide H2S Gas Detector

Confined Space Monitor GX-2009

Gas Monitor GX-2012

Paint Thickness Meter

Laser Distance Meter

Infrared Thermometer Smart Sensor

Digital Vernier Calipers

Digital Ultrasonic Thickness

Digital Potential Meter Kit

Digital Luminance Meter

Chemical Resistance Suit (RED)

Chemical Resistance Suit (BLUE)

Chemical Resistance Suit

Chemical Resistance Jacket (Waterproof)

First Aid Kits

Fire Safety Helmet

Fire Safety Helmet

Fire Safety Helmet

Digital Coating Thickness Gauge

Combustible Gas Leak Detector

Fire Safety Helmet – Imported (USA)

Solo A5 (Flammable) Smoke Detector Tester UL & ULC Listed

Smoke Detector Apollo Alarm Head

EI Electronics Smoke Detector Alarm

Silicone Full Face Mask

First Aid Kit

Water Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguishers Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

Solo Smoke Aerosols Solo A3

Smoke Detector Optical Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector Alarm Salwico Optical Smoke Detector

Respirator Non-Toxic Dusts

Particulate Filter

Personal Safety Equipment First Aid Kit

Life Buoy Ring

Firefighters Protective Gloves

Fire Rated Cabinets

Emergency Door