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Single Jacket Hose

Firefighting Expert powered by FAS International supplies single jacket fire hoses that have been fully certified by Duralex, Kitemark, LPCB and UL. Our hoses are ideal for light use and will prove effective in suppressing fires. Single jacket hoses are well-suited for industrial properties and rural environments where users will be minimal.

Single jacket fire hose consists of an impermeable elastomeric lining, a synthetic fibre reinforcement and externally applied elastomeric coating to the reinforcement. Delivery hoses are the non-percolating lay flat type used in fire fighting purpose. Hoses are suitable for use with couplings with the requirements of BS 336:2010 standards. A hose is intended for use at working pressure not exceeding 15 bar. Delivery hose is manufactured to comply BS 6391: 2009 Standards.

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Hose belongs to Type 2 with Elastomeric lining, Synthetic fiber reinforcement and elastomeric coating on the reinforcement
  • Hose give good protection against the absorption of liquids and resistance of the reinforcement
  • Anti-rot and anti-twist
  • Hose with couplings are wound by Galvanized mild steel / SS wire

Industrial and rural fire brigades as well as building protection. For general industrial, commercial and civil engineering applications.

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