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Workplace Safety Tips that Could Save Your Life

An industrial environment can be a very dangerous place to work in if you don’t adhere to safety procedures at all times. Here’s how you can keep yourself and others safe in the workplace:
 1 Follow operating procedures
The guys who work out these procedures are experts and do so for a reason – to keep you safe. Therefore, procedures should be followed to a tee, especially during high-risk situations such as shutting down equipment or installations.
2 Wear protective clothing or equipment
You should never start working without the correct clothing or equipment as you’re putting yourself in danger. You are responsible for wearing the right clothes. Essentially, this lowers your risk of coming to harm.
3 Follow traffic rules
This should be adhered to both on and off-site. You should make sure you stay within the correct speeding limit and are alert at all times, looking out for pedestrians especially.
4 Use the right tools
It’s important that you use the right tools for the job at hand and for the environment you’re in. The wrong posture when using these tools could also put you or others in harm’s way.
5 Take care of lifting equipment
The golden rule here is to never ever walk under lifting equipment while it is in use. Those operating the equipment must take care too. Only those that have the right qualifications should be working with hoists, cranes and other mechanical systems.
6 Take care when working in confined spaces
Check the atmosphere and confirm isolation before entering any sort of confined space such as a tank or container. Make sure proper supervision is in place too.
7 Wear a safety harness when working at height
This is an absolute must if there is no collective safety equipment in place. There should be a fixed or mobile platform with the right guardrail. Or if you’re working on a roof you should check the solidity of the area and ensure the right safety measures are put in place. Only use ladders to access high areas, not to work from.

There are also some general rules that every member of staff must follow as regards to being alert and aware of potential dangers at all time. You can also make your machinery safer by adding the correct equipment.

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