Fire Proximity Suits / Aluminized Flame Proof Suit

We offer Aluminized Flame Proof and Heat Protection Garment / Fireman suit fire fighter suit for industrial safety. We are provide Fire Safety Suit UK, USA and European Brand in Pakistan. FAS International offer High Quality Safety Wear with Competitive Price.

Fireman Protection Suit (Hwayan)

Complete sets including Fire coat, Fire trousers, Hood, Gloves, Feet cover, Helmet and Boots.


Firefighters training at a U.S. Air Force base in fire proximity suits


Fire Suit, Protective Clothing for fireman complete with gloves, boots helmets with suitable face shield made out of material capable of reflecting at least 950 C if radiant heat temperature around 150 to 2000 C and also afford same protection against direct flame. The suit will be sufficient size to accommodate the breathing apparatus to users.

Fire Entry Suits